Zap Zone Ultimate Birthday Party Package Review


*Photo Credit: Zap Zone Website*

We are new to the Macomb County are here in Michigan and we were looking for a fun place to host our son’s 3rd birthday party.  We came across the Zap Zone that is only a few miles away from our home.  We went for a visit to scope out Zap Zone and see what it was all about and to see if it was even suitable for toddler kids and our kids had a blast, so we know it was going to be the perfect birthday venue.

They offer full service party planning to help you prepare for your child’s birthday party.  They even have free printable birthday invitations on their website that you are welcome to use for your child’s birthday.  We didn’t take advantage of this since my son wanted a Thomas & Friends themed birthday party.

When you walk in, you’re greeted with a robot like figure that is so cute to take pictures with.  Once you get behind the robot there are a ton of arcade games for the kids to enjoy, you must use tokens for the games, so be prepared with cash or change if you plan to spend time in the arcade.  Most of the arcade games also generate tickets that can later be redeemed for prizes.

Along the perimeter of Zap Zone arcade are different types of activities such as: Glo-golf, Laser tag, Bumper cars, Mini Bowling, Cannon Blaster, Jump Zone, Time Freak, and Play Zone.  Each game is unique and equally fun!


Our Table Set-up

We took advantage of the Ultimate Party Package.  I have included what the Ultimate Birthday Package includes below according to their website.

Ultimate Party Package $17.95

  • 10 Guest Minimum
  • $50 non-refundable deposit required to secure reservation
  • 2 Games of Laser Tag
  • 2 for 1 coupon for all participants (must be used at a later date)
  • Pizza & pop for each participant
  • 1 ¾ hours in the party area
  • Birthday Person Gift: Limited Edition Collector T-shirt & 2 free passes (must be used at a later date)

Our party guests (aside from the parents) were all young toddlers under the age of five, so we feared that they would be too little to enjoy laser tag, but Zap Zone was extremely accommodating and allowed us to choose any two of the attractions that would be more suitable for the toddlers.  We chose the Jump Zone and the Cannon Blaster as our two attractions.

cake table

Cake Table Set-up

When arriving into the party room, it was set up with paper plates, cups, and napkins for each guest.  They are Zap Zone themed, my son specifically wanted a Thomas & Friends theme for his birthday, so I swapped paper products out with my own, but we used the Zap Zone ones for the adults.  The tables didn’t have any table covers on them, luckily I brought my own, but if I didn’t have my own, I would have certainly liked them to be provided.  I’m a huge germaphobe and would have wiped the tables down myself if I didn’t have table covers on the tables.  They set up the table according to how many guests we had.  They also provided us extra chairs on the side, and a cake table.

The party room was clean, set up and ready when we arrived, there are coat hooks for the guests to hang their coats, purses, and there is plenty of room to have 30 guests in the party room with kids and adults. If you and your guests leave the room to go to the chosen attractions, the associates close the door to ensure no one goes into the party room that isn’t allowed and to keep your stuff safe.  Zap Zone was accommodating in giving me supplies such as tape and scissors, to hang my banners, and décor and they also offered to help me take them down when the party was over.


Each Plate Setting – Cups double as favors

The food was from Jets Pizza; Zap Zone has a working contract with them to provide the food.  We weren’t allowed to bring any outside food except the cake for the guests.  A slice of pizza and pop are included in the price for each child, but we ordered extra food for the adults, and everything came fresh and hot.  We also received a pitcher of juice for the kids who didn’t drink soda, as well as a pitcher of water from Zap Zone.  They had everything we needed in the party room to enjoy our meal such utensils and paper products.  There was also a large trash receptacle in the room for easy clean up.

After the party room, we headed to the Jump Zone.  In the Jump Zone, there are numerous bounce houses such as obstacle courses, slides, basketball hoops, and climbing courses.  You are given an allotted time of 15 minutes with a maximum of 15 guests jumping at once.  Shoes are not allowed on the inflatables, inform your guests beforehand to ensure that they bring socks to use on the inflatables.  The kids really enjoyed the jump zone, but unfortunately the time limit is extremely short.  Had I known I would have paid extra to have them jump longer.


Jump Zone *Photo Credit: Zap Zone Website*

During the Cannon blaster, you also get a short amount of time of 15 minutes.  The participants can choose a side to play on.  Each side is provided with extremely soft squishy balls that are in no way going to harm even a young infant.  These soft balls go into the Cannon Blasters that are lined up in the room.  The goal is to hit the opposing team with as many of the balls as possible, it’s extremely fun for kids and adults.  To be quite honest, I think that the adults enjoyed this more than the kids did.  Unfortunately, the time was short for the Cannon Blaster too, but we made the most of it and had a great time.

We spent the rest of the night in the arcade, enjoying the games, gathering tickets, and redeeming prizes.  My birthday boy came home extremely happy and pleased with his birthday party.  We have been back several times since, as well as many of our guests.  The coupons were a great incentive to come back and enjoy more time there.  Which kid would say no to going back to a wonderland like Zap Zone! So much fun you won’t regret having a birthday party at the Utica Zap Zone.  We give it 5 stars for cleanliness, customer service, and all out fun!!


What’s a party with out favors?!

To book a birthday party or check out what else Zap Zone has to offer, check out their website and see all of the packages and pricing.  They often have several promotional offers on their site that you can take advantage of.

There are many locations across the Metro-Detroit area, be sure to look on their website for the closest one near you.

Enter Zap Zone’s Website

Complimentary Ultimate Party Package provided in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts expressed are my own opinion and experiences.

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